Bar Trick Volume 1 – Torn and Restored Dollar

I am very excited about the new bar tricks video blog.  It has been in the planning stages for some time as this idea came about over a year ago where I initially shot 3 episodes and released one as a test.  I received a lot of great positive feedback on it and decided I would re-shoot another 14 episodes.  Now there are a total of 17 episodes – each packed with a real easy but amazing magic trick that you can perform to fool your friends when you’re out at the bar!

The Torn and Restored Dollar is truly an awesome impromptu bar trick.

The Effect:  Borrow a dollar bill from someone and tear out the face of the bill; show it on both sides and then blow on the face of the bill and the dollar visibly fuses back together.

Thanks to Goochelaar the dutch magician for some good pointers on this.



Game/Trick you will always win

In this episode I teach you one of the all-time best bar “betcha” tricks. This is another great way to win a free drink from someone.

The Effect: You pour a few ounces of your favorite drink onto a saucer plate and tell your friend that if he/she can get all the liquid back in to the empty glass with out picking up the plate and pouring it in, you will buy him/her a drink. You tell your friend that the only thing that can be used to get the liquid back in the cup is a match and a lime. When they can’t complete the challenge, you proceed to do it and win a free drink!

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Hypnosis and Popcorn

This month’s episode is a short comedy video from a past hypnosis show. In this video I have hypnotized volunteers thinking they are watching the funniest movie they have ever seen until they hear the word “popcorn”, then it starts to get very funny. You need to see the whole routine as the audience was laughing so hard it really made for a lot of fun!

Also my college tour is getting booked up fast, if your thinking of bringing a show to your campus, please check out my demo videos for my comedy hypnosis show and my magic/mind reading show below:
Cards Against Hypnosis



Bar Tricks – I Phone Business Card

In this episode I show you an awesome way of distributing your business card using your I Phone.

The Effect: You are at the bar and someone asks you for your number. You tell the individual that you are out of business cards but not to worry as you have taken a photo of your business card. You then proceed to pluck the picture of you business card right out of the phone – the picture is now gone and you are holding a real business card in your hand which you proceed to give to him/her.

Have fun with this trick as it is a truly awesome way of passing out your business card!

Bar Tricks – Mind Reading Names

In this episode I teach you how to correctly guess a name that a spectator is merely thinking.

The Effect: You have a spectator get 4 sugar packets from the bar and have them think of 4 people in their life that are important to them. He or she then is instructed to write each of these names on a sugar packet. Then you have the spectator think of just 1 of the 4 people and, amazingly, you are able to reveal the name that he/she is thinking.

Have fun with this as this trick can be performed over and over – and you can make each time more impressive.

Bar Tricks – The 3 Card Monte

In this episode I provide instructions for one of the best versions of the most famous con-artist card trick.  If you have ever been on Canal Street in NYC, you will see many people running this as a gambling game.  However it is actually not a game, but rather it is a magic trick where the spectator will always lose.

The Effect: 2 red cards and 1 black card are shown.  The cards are placed face down and the game is to visually follow the black card.   The cards are now mixed up and the spectator is asked to guess where the black card is.  When the cards are turned over the black card is nowhere to be found and instead it has now changed into a Joker card. The version I provide instructions for is so easy to do and the change of the card at the end is as baffling as it is stunning.  Give it a try next time you’re out at the bar!