Hypnotized to think that everyone is naked

This month’s episode is a short comedy video from a past hypnosis show. In this video I hypnotize 20 people to think that everyone in the audience is completely naked. You need to see the whole routine as the audience was laughing so hard it really made for a lot of fun!

Also my college tour is getting booked up fast, if your thinking of bringing a show to your campus, please check out my demo videos for my comedy hypnosis show and my magic/mind reading show below:



Bar Tricks vol 2 – Card Call

Learn Magic to fool your friends – The Card Call

I am really excited about this episode of bar tricks. The effect: a playing card is chosen and placed back in the deck. Next your cellphone is place on top of the deck of card and when you wave your hand over the deck, the cellphone starts ringing. When everyone looks at the caller ID it says the name of the playing card that the spectator is thinking of.

Hypnotized Girl Meets Justin Bieber

I hope you enjoyed lasts months episode of Bar Tricks, this month I am putting out a short comedy video from a past hypnosis show where I hypnotize a girl to think that she meets Justin Bieber. She gets so excited; you have to see what happens, it is hilarious!

Also stay tuned as next month I will be releasing a new episode of Bar Tricks where I teach a new trick you can use to fool your friends. Next month’s trick is the “Card Call” where the playing card that the spectator is merely thinking of actually calls your phone, you need to see this to believe it!

The Quarter Vanish

In this episode of bar tricks I teach how to vanish a quarter. They see the quarter vanish right in front of their eyes; both hands are shown completely empty. This one will totally amaze your friends and it is super easy to do!

In addition to the bar tricks videos, I have been filming a lot of comedy hypnosis shows and I have a tone of hilarious footage that I will be releasing as short comedy videos. Each month I will put out a new video blog with some awesome magic tricks or funny hypnosis videos.